​Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral         Therapy

TF-CBT is an evidence based treatment model that is designed to provide children and parents/caregivers with knowledge and skills related to processing trauma; managing distressing thoughts, feelings and behaviors; and enhancing safety, parenting skills, and family communication. TF-CBT is the most widely researched and disseminated treatment for children suffering from exposure to abuse, violence, and other traumatic events. Children who complete TF-CBT treatment exhibit improvement in PTSD, depression, anxiety, behavior, and other symptoms. Research also shows that TF-CBT provides significant cost savings in reduced future treatment costs (Greer, Grasso, Cohen, & Webb, 2013).

TF-CBT was developed on the basis of integrating both child therapies and cognitive behavioral interventions for the purpose of enhancing children's interpersonal trust and reempowerment.

  • The TF-CBT model is appropriate for children from ages 3- 18 who have significant behavioral and emotional problems related to experiencing traumatic life events such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence, sudden death or loss of a loved one, and community violence.
  • The model is designed for children with complex trauma, depression, anxiety, and/or shame related to their exposure to a traumatic event; as well as children who are experiencing significant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms, whether or not they meet full diagnostic criteria.
  • TF-CBT address issues commonly expereinced by trauma-tized children such as poor self-esteem, difficulty trusting others, mood instability, and self-injurous behaviors, including substance use
  • Treatment is completed in an average of 22- 26 weekly sessions.
  • TF-CBT has been successfully used with children in the child welfare and juvenile justice settings, in outpatient and congregate care settings, with children who have extensive, chronic trauma histories, and those with a range of comorbid psychiatric issues.
  • TF-CBT is not appropriate for all children, nor is it appropriate for all children suffering from exposure to trauma.