Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is a 15-20 session, specialized treatment program designed for caregivers and their young children ( up to 10 yrs old) experiencing behavioral and/or emotional difficulties. PCIT has been found to help children who have any of the following:

  • Frequent temper tantrums
  • Act defiantly &/or refuse to follow directions
  • Backtalk or sass adults
  • Whine &/or cry easily
  • Are experiencing adjustment problems
  • Constantly seek attention
  • Interrupt others
  • Short attention span
  • Engage in power struggles with parents/caregivers
  • Difficulty behaving in school, preschool, and/or daycare
  • Are aggressive, who hit, throw things and express great anger
  • May already be on medication to manage behavioral problems

Deciding if PCIT is right for you as a parent…

  • Parents who have limited experience with children
  • Parents who have limited support
  • Parents who feel overwhelmed by their child’s behavior
  • Parents who feel angry at their child
  • Parents who have a child with an opposing temperament from their own
  • Parents who feel their child is out of control

Benefits of PCIT

PCIT has been proven to be highly effective in helping caregivers build warm and responsive relationships with their children, in improving overall behavior, and in reducing parenting stress. Upon completion of PCIT, parents report high levels of satisfaction, decreased stress levels, and positive changes in their children’s behaviors at home, school, and childcare settings.

Goals of PCIT

Improve parent/caregiver-child relationships
Improve children’scooperation
Increase children’s abilities to manage frustration and anger
Increase children’s appropriate social skills
Improve children’s attention skills
Build children’s self-esteem
Increase parenting skills
Decrease caregiver’s stress

Parent Child Interaction Therapy