Voice for Children & Nurturing Families offers various types of outpatient therapy services to meet the needs of the client. The type of therapy depends on the symptoms and behaviors the individual is experiencing and what research shows is the most effective. Outpatient therapy sessions are typically done weekly. When the individual is a child the family is likely included in treatment.

Voice for Children & Nurturing Families offers office based and in home based therapy. Voice for Children & Nurturing Families  recognizes that it can be challenging to get to an office for a therapy appointment due to illness, disability, personal crisis, or for lack of finances, transportation, or childcare. Home-based therapy is a solution to these obstacles, in the same way that many rural doctors still make house calls. 

Home-based therapy takes place in the client’s home rather than in the therapist’s office for people who would otherwise have a difficult time accessing therapy.

Office-based therapy takes place at one of our locations rather than in the home. It gives patients an opportunity to relax and express themselves in a non threatening supportive environment. 


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