Counseling for Women

Voice for Children & Nurturing Families offers both short and longer-term counseling based on your concerns, circumstances, and interest.

She has expertise and interest in:

  • Mood (depression, loneliness, anxiety, and bipolar disorders)
  • Trauma (abuse, neglect, domestic violence, natural disaster, terrorism)
  • Food and Body Concerns (body image, eating disorders, self-esteem)
  • Impulsive Behaviors (self-harm, promiscuity, anger)
  • Relationship Issues (family dynamics, cross-cultural challenges, hetero or LGBTQ relationships)
  • Life Transitions (transitioning from residential treatment, leaving for college, graduation, getting married/divorced, starting a family)
  • Personal Growth (mindfulness, communication skills, forgiveness, self-acceptance)

In a supportive environment, you will be able to build skills, set meaningful goals, and develop a positive sense of self. We’ll work through obstacles while building on your strengths. Therapy can be the first step in making you a priority.

Just For Women