Child-Parent Relationship Therapy is a unique approach to parenting. More than that, CPRT is a unique type of therapy. It is based on the belief that the relationship between caregiver and child is deep and authentic, and as such is the perfect conduit for therapy. By teaching caregivers through didactic instruction, demonstrations of play sessions, and supervision, a trained play therapist teaches caregivers how to use play as a therapeutic agent in the home. CPRT is the perfect compliment to play therapy and is ideal for generalizing the therapeutic progress your children may be experiencing in the playroom to the rest of their world. Just as importantly, CPRT targets the child-caregiver relationship in order to increase communication, positive child-caregiver interactions, and enjoyment of being a parent.

CPRT works on two levels by helping the children and the parents. On the parent side of things, CPRT helps caregivers to gain a greater understanding and acceptance of their children. Caregivers learn to effectively communicate, regain control as a parent, help children develop self-control, and effectively discipline and set limits. A trained play therapist teaches you basic child-centered play therapy principles and skills. Skills and principles include: reflective listening, recognizing and responding to children’s feelings, therapeutic limit setting, building children’s self-esteem, and how to structure weekly sessions with your children using specifically selected toys.  Caregivers will learn how to create a therapeutic environment that enhances the child-caregiver relationship. CPRT helps children to trust, learn boundaries, and accept limits. Behaviors and relationships then improve!

Child Parent Relationship Therapy