Voice for Children & Nurturing Families is dedicated to the promotion of evidence-based treatment for successful outcomes, and the reduction of stigma for those receiving services. It is the philosophy of the organization that clinicians work in a collaborative environment with families and other professionals in the community to achieve this goal. Voice for Children and Nurturing Families is focused on stopping violence and healing harm by utilizing a trauma informed approach. Voice for Children & Nurturing Families clinical staff are independently licensed to practice in the state of North Carolina. The founder, and executive director, has been providing treatment for 7 years. The evidenced based practices that are currently used are Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Sex Offender Treatment, Child Parent Relationship Therapy, Child Parent Interaction Therapy, Play Therapy, 7 Challenges and Seeking Safety. 

           Voice for Children and Nurturing Families provides a range of clinical services to include medication management, specialized evaluations, individual and, family therapy, and psycho-educational services for victims, perpetrators and witnesses of violence and sexual assault.  All services adhere to standards set forth by credentialing bodies and best practice research in conjunction with criminal justice. Community safety, victim justice and sensitivity are paramount. All service provision adheres to an ecological framework that embraces each client’s family, pertinent neighbors, community, work, school, or church members.

         Voice for Children and Nurturing Families serves adults, adolescents and children in the context of their families and communities, so that they can live life to their potentials. As a result of the traumas and other life circumstances many adults, adolescents and children have severe mental health issues. Given the right tools and strategies Voice for Children and Nurturing Families believes most clients, with the right support, can be a healthy system because we all have a core sense of inner wisdom. Negative life experiences lead us to create patterns that block this awareness. By identifying and mindfully shifting destructive patterns, we can have relief or resolution to painful symptoms and explore more fulfilling ways of being in the world.

       Voice for Children and Nurturing Families engages clients in a partnership; making decisions surrounding how best to set them up to succeed in their community and in life. This partnership is a proven method in successful treatment. All this is done within the context of providing compassionate scientifically valid treatments within a safe and therapeutic environment to heal and grow.

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