April specializes and is committed to helping children, adolescents, adults, and families to achieve their goals and find healing within a safe environment. April's goal is to assist clients in finding and expressing their maximum potential and strengths, work through barriers, find peace, happiness and self-acceptance. April specializes in treating trauma, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, divorce, sexual reactive behavior and attachment. April's approach to therapy is unique in that she uses up-to-date interventions and various types of evidenced based treatment modalities to treat psychological and behavioral issues.

She is also a champion of healthy development, personal growth and relationships.

      April is certified in TF-CBT, a psychotherapy approach used to treat children and adolescents impacted by traumatic life events that has caused emotional and behavioral issues associated with trauma
experiences. She is trained in EMDR a powerful psychotherapy technique which is successful in helping people who suffer from trauma, anxiety, disturbing memories, and PTSD.
     April is a certified play therapist. She provides play therapy with children ages 2-12. Play is natural to children and it helps with regulating emotions, and reducing anxiety. It also addresses cognitive, behavioral and emotional challenges. It assists with behavioral issues caused by physical and sexual abuse, divorce,
abandonment, bullying, grief and loss.